Photos that tell stories. By creative souls for creative souls.

It is also important for us to support other creative people and their ideas.

So, if your are interested in presenting your own photographs, editorials or just a selection of your taken photos you are always welcome to send us a submission-email. If it’s “suitable” we will publish your creative work on Grunge’n’Art with the links to your website/ social media – accounts.

Submissions need this edgy feeling, something that reminds on Grunge, something melancholic or something unusual. And we prefer photographs that are not posed and not taken in a studio. Also we LOVE analogue photography!! 🙂

-We currently take submissions for web-features only.-

!Please no nude photographs!

Some more information:

  • high resolution photographs (for print-submissions)/pictures with a wide of 1000 pixel minimum (for web-features)
  • minimum 6 photos for a post (web-feature)
  • please write some thoughts or/ and a short artistic statement for your submitted photo-series; also you are more than welcome to send your series along with a little prose text
  • please do not forget to mention the title and team credits such as the model’s name

Send us your submission-email to: (Lia’s e-mail-address) or to (Nalie’s  e-mail-address).

We try to reply within one to two weeks.

Grunge’n’Art – Team

Please keep in mind: Unfortunately, we can not offer copies for free at the moment. Thanks for your understanding. (print-submissions)


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