We are always interested in collaborations and artistic projects. Besides working on our magazine we work as photographers as well. We are also interested in cooperation with different creative people. Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Join in!

If your are interested in presenting your own photographs, fashion-editorials, illustrations or also prose you are welcome to send us an e-mail. We will publish your creative work with a link to your site and if you want also a short interview with you. Please read the guidelines here.

Contact us via e-mail: or via the contact field.


If you want to stock our magazine in your shop or boutique, please send a mail to:


Moreover, for advertise enquiries in our magazine contact us here:


We are also in search of new “models” for our website and/or magazine. If you wear size XS, like the “grungy” style and live in Berlin, Dresden or Leipzig feel free to contact us as well! (It doesn’t play a role how tall are you.)


Also we are really thankful for any sponsors who help us finance the print.



We are trying to response every message. Promised.




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