Federica Scandolo – Cold Spring

“It was a cold day of spring and me and Matilda, the model, decided to go for a walk on the hill. We found an abandoned church and decided it was a nice place to lay down for a while. The gentle sun was kissing Matilda pale skin and I wanted to catch the glimpse of melancholy in her sincere eyes. Wild flowers and cold wind  decorate the scene in the yard behind the ancient church.”

Federica Scandolo captured wonderful and quite melancholic appearing moments of Matilda. Entirely shot on 35mm film makes this series even more special and beautifully nostalgic looking. Besides taking analogue pictures Federica is also the founder and editor of Pigiama Zine where she features selceted and authentic works like photographs, illustrations and/ or interviews from creatives all over the world. If you haven’t heard about her zine yet you should definitely check it out HERE.


Photography: Federica Scandolo ☆ IG: @federizka

Model: Matilda

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