Veneno para Hadas – Yoko

We like to describe it as a pagan punk/experimental riot girl band, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina during quarentine, under the premise of Courtney Love’s quote “Find the three baddest bitches of your town and start band” well, here we are.

Veneno para hadas” – which means “poison to fairies” – is the band name of Marie Belle’s and Juana Paul’s music project. Their main influences are Hole, Bikini Kill, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Spinnerette and all the witches in history. Also Marie is a filmmaker and the aim of Juana and her is to release one video per song. “Yoko” is their first one. Listen, watch and get in touch with the music duo’s powerful and wonderful energy.


Band: Veneno para Hadas ☆ IG: @hadasveneno

Vocals/Guitar: Marie Belle ☆ IG: @__diabelle

Vocals/Bass: Juana Paul ☆ IG: @akwardpopsongs_

Produced by: Ivan Llave ☆ IG: @ivan.llave

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