Mirella de Mar – Fantastic Fakeland

This dreamy and kind of melancholic photo-series with a beautiful nostalgic vibe was taken by Mirella de Mar, a 35mm film photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who is now based in Barcelona.

I try to capture the kind of sensitivity that comes from what can not be seen.
I like that my photos take you through a world of fairy wasteland where everything seems a fantasy but at the same time you feel a certain intimacy and melancholy.

Trying to find the most dreamy places of the cities I visit and connect that with the personality of the people I work with.
These photos I did in collaboration with Mayte Stevani, a multi talented artist, dj, fashion designer and illustrator.The clothes are from Barcelona based brand marygarlic2000.”


Photography: Mirella de Mar ā˜† IG: @mirellademarr

Model: Mayte Stevani

Clothes: marygarlic2000

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