Marina Monaco – Kids Series

Argentinian photographer and cinematographer Marina Monaco enchants again with a wonderful 35mm film photo-series and a short VHS video. Somehow this series reminds on a modern version of stills of “The Virgin Suicides”.

“I started a new project series, it’s called “Kids Series”. My idea is to document youth. No models, no actors. Just real people and relationships.
I photographed a group of 18-year-old girls who are best friends since a lot of years.
They remind me when I was that age. Makes me feel pure nostalgia, in spite I’m still young (I’m 22) I see that moments going away.
They are in their golden years, ready to look up in the sky.”


Photography & text: Marina Monaco ☆ IG: @marinaamonaco

Models: Julietta, Viole, Azu & Fina

Photography assistant: Valentina

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