Celina Linde – Sweet Anthem

Dear Diary,


​I’ve committed a sin.

​Yesterday after Sunday dinner, I snuck in a copy of the Star Magazine, and trust me, it was needed.

​Living at a Christian boarding school does something to people. Don’t be mistaken, I love God, but when he’s looking over you 24/7, being a teenager sucks.

​All we want is to act out, be rebels, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

​I often wonder what life’s outside these thick heavy brick church walls….

​The reason why I love Star magazine, is that they teach me new on trend words such as ‘as if, bling-bling, buzz kill, and chika’.

By the way… the magazines I get are ancient or something… there’s no way we’d be able to sneak in the newest goods.



Dear God,

I know you are with me, and looking over my shoulder. But, could you please let me be part of a different norm, let me be a dreamer, a smart ass,

forgive me farther.

​,cheerleader, artist, punk rock girl,

​and experience what the real world has to offer….

​and send me a copy of the newest ‘Star’ magazine. Pretty please.


Photography, Creative Director, Fashion Coordniator, Fashion Editor & text: Celina Linde ☆ IG: @mscelinalinde

Model: Emmelie Bohr

MUA: Augusta Q Taylor

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