James de Leon – Biltmore

“Mix one tablespoon of scent-free liquid hand dishwashing detergent with two cups of cold water.  Using a clean white cloth, sponge the stain with the detergent solution and blot until the liquid is absorbed.  If the blood has dried, use a brush.


These are the facts.  The Biltmore Hotel opened in 1923 during Prohibition. The hotel’s Gold Room, which acted as a Speakeasy, still has a street-level escape door.  In January 1947, Elizabeth Short, also known as the Black Dahlia, was seen in the hotel lobby and soon thereafter, never heard from again.  In 2010, a 48 year-old woman fell six stories to her death from the top of a stairwell. The next day, her husband auditioned for America’s Got Talent in one of the ballrooms. He didn’t make it on the show.”


“Whether or not ghosts exist, I cannot say, but I do believe certain places are truly haunted.  Here lies the street corner where we first met. Remember when we used to live together on the second floor of that apartment? The last time I saw you, you walked down that subway corridor and never spoke to me again. There are countless spaces haunted by an absence, not a presence. Some stains cannot be removed, no matter how hard you scrub.”


Photography: James de Leon ☆ IG: @deleonia

Models: Lindsey and Madi Desanctis

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