Hef Prentice – 夢 Dreams

Ethereal girls (the nymphs) wake up in a cat’s home. They gradually get to appear in all of the house spaces, where they share, daydream, love and feel nostalgic. They represent feminity, sensuality and love.
At the end of the film, they vanish and only the true inhabitant of the house, the cat, remains, getting the idea that it all was just a dream.

夢 Dreams is the first short short film, written and directed by Buenos Aires based analog photographer and filmmaker Hef Prentice. Scroll down and dive into this visual artwork Hef togehter with her team have created.


Writing & direction: Hef Prentice ☆ IG: @hefprentice

Production: Hef Prentice & Leancy Marinelli

DOP & camera: Mariano G. Aponte

Asist. camera: Katja Stuckrath

Editing: Mariano G. Aponte & Hef Prentice

Art direction: Leancy Marinelli & Camila Marconi

Original music by: Nicolas Romero (AR), Branko d Lledo (SP) & Leo Berne (FR)

Styling: Nicole Ortiz Castellanos

Asist. styling: Katya Simkin

Wardrobe: Tramando ArMila KarteiKijjji & Purple Haze Vision

Hair: Maia Ludueña

Asist. hair styling: Alejandra Altieri & Nicolas Irribarra

MUA: Sofia May

Asist. MUA: Syl Via – Kabubi Makeup SchoolMasol & Juza makeup

VFX & VHS Transfer: LÉVRIER Motion

Poster: Mariano G. Aponte

Cast in order of appearance: Rigoberta del Tesouro, Jessica Tarrab, Camila Rodriguez, Maria Pía Gordo, Morena Parenti, Flora Ferrari, Camila Mantovani, Macarena Gonzalez, Ekaterina Kórkova, Constanza Piekarz, Luna Gericke & Neko the cat

© Buenos Aires, 2018


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