Vladimir Tudose x Gia Tudoran – The Word Hustler

Photographed by Vladimir Tudose and modeled and submitted by Gia Tudoran this two photo-sets of the series “The Word Hustler” is wonderfully authentic and has a quite melancholic touch. All photos were shot on 35mm film by using an Olympus Mju1.

Along their creative work Gia send a text as well:

“hi, my name is Gia, and i’m a workaholic. 
it’s my substance of choice. more than drugs or anything else, i’ve been addicted to working for as far back as i can remember. and i love it.
i know i’m FAR from who i want to become, but i’ll be damned if i’m not determined af to get there. i have the unhealthiest lifestyle, few real friends whom i rarely get to see, and a fuckton of sleepless nights i spend drinking, smoking, and writing until my fingers hurt.
i survive on late-night take-out/ microwave dinners, cigarettes, deadlines, and the inspiration i absorb from each person i connect with. i’ve gained weight, dark circles, wrinkles, and enough anxiety to keep me from face-to-face socializing.
but i’ve also gained knowledge, practice, ambition, and the resources i need to become the baddest boss bitch you’ll see.”

“Neon – Colors”


“Raw – Grunge”


Photography: Vladimir Tudose ☆ IG: @vladimirtudose.d

Model: Gia Tudoran ☆ IG: @giaenergia

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