Myriah Acosta – Aima

My vision often involves saturated lighting and creating a dream-like atmosphere. I love inviting people into my own curated fantasy world to get lost in and to enjoy every shimmering colorful moment. I aspire to create my own unique style and continue to use 35mm film because of the unique color ranges digital just canโ€™t seem to provide for me. This series is supposed to feel eerie, like a neon haunted glam house with no escape.

Sparkle, a dreamy-melancholic flair, an overall surreal look. Texas-based photographer Myriah Acosta enchants with her visual works she all captures with an analog camera. Like this series she took of model Aima Eromosele.


Photography: Myriah Acosta โ˜† IG: @myriah.acosta

Model: Aima Eromosele

One response to “Myriah Acosta – Aima

  1. Myriah was best known to me via mygirlfund. She sent her naughty pics and vids. Very sexy!


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