Sophie Allsop – Coast

Young photographer Sophie Allsop has captured a really intense mood in her submitted photo-series she took of Amy McCranor.

Along her creative work she wrote:

“The editorial explores the spaces in between some definitions of coast: ‘borderline’ and ‘movement caused by gravity with little effort’. Shooting in an abandoned hospital provided the borderland, a liminal space where people would have been coasting in and out. The girl who chooses to spend time here is a contradiction- choosing to skateboard where it is inconvenient; dresses up and wears heels to coast in dangerous and illegal buildings. She is real, yet ‘abandoned hospital’ makes us wonder if she is alive. She puts herself in danger while trying to look good for no reason.”


Photography: Sophie Allsop (SJA Photography) ☆ IG: @sja.photography_

Model: Amy McCranor

Location: Abandoned Eye clinic hospital, Wolverhampton

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