Nadha – No hurt

During the beginning of this month I was thinking about melancholy and time, how sometimes we do not let our life flow through past events that drag and hold us back.

A wonderful photo-story by Nadha of model Mar Castañedo. Her latest creative and enchanting work comes with a poem:

No hurt


I’ve been wasting time

staring at the sky and the television

people say this are harsh times


but the atomic age has already ended

now we are a time bomb

its a new age of self destruct


something says that remembering its

what makes us suffer the mostbut I can’t let go of my old days


I’m thinking of buying a piñata and make it my friend

I don’t know well if there is a tomorrow

but with the present I am happy

there can’t be better times like this

even if it costs so much to forget

I know that someday it will no longer hurt


Photography & poem: Nadha ☆ IG: @nvdha_n

Model: Mar Castañedo

Translation: Claudio Cortés

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