Laura Kovanska – Passenger

I created a little dramatic story about a hot summer night, traveling and leaving everything behind.

A night in summer. Lights shine on the street, on you and apart from that there is no one. You feel alone and you search for a way that will bring you home. You feel like a lonely passenger that hasn’t reached a bus or train but nevertheless you don’t feel that bad. In some ways you actually enjoy this loneliness and the silence.

With a wonderful cinematic feel comes Laura Kovanska‘s latest photo-series she took of model Katerina in Brno, Czech Republic, on a summer night.


Photography, art direction & styling: Laura Kovanska ☆ IG: @laurakovanska

Model: Katerina Wience

Designers clothing: crazy cats Tshirt @lukaskrnacwork, coat LaFayette, lace pants Melia Marchi

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