Mona Cordes – QUEST

Mystic and dreamy at the same time appears this photo-set by Mona Cordes she took of model Annabell Lidell and with an eye-catching MUA by Fiona Breslin. The garments and prints of them were all made by Mona as well.

Along her submitted work she wrote:

“A note to my garments – the theme is well-being, personal well-being to be precise. Every character has their own mannerisms to fulfill moments of happiness on a daily basis. I am using patchouli oil in my hair every day which gives me a specific scent people identify with me now as well. There are a lot of mystical, healing, spiritual ideas behind its use and quite a bit of history from the hippie movement. The colour scheme of mystical tones goes hand in hand.

The scent itself is in the coat which gives people that wear it a special individual aura and feel. The smell is tucked in the inside in the lining.
Prints I make are all mine. (I am now going into my final year of Fashion Print at uni).
The Prints show graphical ways of breeze/ smell becoming one with its surrounding, a well-being face, hood print shows noses.”


Photography, styling and garments: Mona Cordes ☆ IG: @princess_moona

Model: Annabell Lidell

MUA: Fiona Breslin

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