Valentina Botta – The glitter chaser

Valentina Botta is a 22 years old photographer from Italy. She is obsessed with pink, girls, glitter and kaleidoscopes.

“I try to spread my inner magic. The shooting’s vibe was so edgy and I loved how Margherita played around with her imagination and her childish attitude. I also loved taking pictures to a teenager: you feel electrified. You stare at her like she is blossoming, like she’s invincible. She is a wild flower, she makes nature vibrate as she passes through. When you look at her you immediately understand that you can’t rip her off from when you found her: she finds her “somewhere” by herself. You let her create and destroy. You do that because seeing her running, pouting, exploring, screaming and laughing makes you carries your mind in that uncertain dimension in which you danced for a lot too, tottering everywhere, running from yourself hoping to re-meet yourself on the other side. Run wild, little girls!”

– Valentina


Photography: Valentina Botta ☆ IG: @valuh

Model: Margherita Repetto

MUA: Andrea Ghizzardi

Styling: Eleonora Boggero

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