Lil Coatie – Prayin’ 4 my Haters

The best description for the photos are the lyrics for the song itself!

Lil Coatie is an artist, singer and songwriter based in New York City. When she is not rapping as ‘Lil Coatie’, she is making avant-garde dark dreamy tunes under the name ‘Coatie Pop’.

This set of photos was shot by Rogelio Esparza for her new single, ‘Prayin 4 my Haters’.

Just scroll down and be impressed by her creative work. Dark, dope and dreamy at the same time.


Photography: Rogelio Esparza ā˜† IG:

Music & model: Lil Coatie IG: @coatiepop & @lil_coatie

Dress: handmade in the 30s by Lil Coatie’s great-grandmother

Angel bottoms in collaboration with: Gwen Pankaskie

Some rap videos by Lil Coatie:

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