Isaebella Doherty – Disco Outskirts

And he never leaves the disco alone

Arrogance but not conceit, as a man he’s complete

My creme de la creme, please take me home.

‘Disco Outskirts’ by self-taught filmmaker and photographer Isaebella Doherty enchants with powerful colours, a harmonic interplay of light and shadow and a beautiful calm, kinda dreamy appearance. All photos were taken on 35mm film.


Photography: Isaebella Doherty ☆ IG: @isaebella

Models: Lakeri Teziggwa & Leah Hotker

Styling: Ellajaz Toll-Bujeya & Lily Fraser

MUA: Pearl Doherty

Garments: Psyfunkle

Jewelry: Sacre Flux & Twofold

Location: Yalka/ Campaspe River

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