Agustin Cibeira – Virtual Glam

I wanted to play with a vintage space and to put very actual elements like cellphones, and selfies, and giving them like if they were famous people, and the man-camera really exists, like if I were a paparazzi, and they are just trying to pretend they are really having fun, but they are just really posing. It’s the new virtual era where everything is cute and nice in a place that doesn’t exist and is not real and I tried to looked them like famous people because I think that’s the better example to put for people who are simulating their lifes all the time.

Authentic and quite cinematic appears Agustin Cibeira’s latest photo-series. All photos were shot on 35mm film what gives them a wonderful vintage-like look.


Photography: Agustin Cibeira โ˜† IG: @agustincibeira

Models: @miamigadeyoga, @thomsrom & @fedestolte

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