Cecilia Flores – Self Aware

This impressive series of photographs was taken and modeled by Cecilia Flores.

Along her submitted, creative work she wrote:

“Through self-portraiture I’ve channeled my current state of being, and through it gained more awareness of myself. Internet culture, specifically the “selfie”, has created a constant overflow of imagery of the self. It is neither good or bad, but it is fascinating how important a selfie has become for this generation. Does it mean we are more comfortable with our image? or is it borderline narcissistic that we constantly bombard our followers with photos our ourselves. Nonetheless the “selfie” definitely plays a vital role in current society, so might as well get creative. These images were not taken in a studio or made with the intention of being glamorous, yet with a tissue box as a tripod and a blank wall, you can fool the audience to think otherwise”


Photography & model: Cecilia Flores โ˜† IG: @flowersdaydream


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