Valentina Botta – Oniric Princess

I love pink, glitter, kaleidoscopes and girls.
This series is called “Oniric Princess” and it just represents my kind of imagination. I place girls into my dimension and I always try to express the magic I’m feeling inside of my heart! I have oniric visions: I dream about pink seas and sparkly moments, slow solo dances and self love. Federica was the perfect imaginary princess of my imaginary kingdom.
I truly believe that everyone of us needs to explore their inner magic and that we all need to express it and let our imagination run wild. That’s what I tried to convey with these pictures.

This series by 22-year-old self-taught Italian photographer Valentina Botta she took of model Federica Pastorelli looks like being in a lilac coloured dream. Scroll down and enjoy Valentina’s magical-appearing, creative work. ☆


Photography: Valentina Botta ☆ IG: @valuh

Model: Federica Pastorelli

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