Étienne Bouchs x Karina Nitka – The girls from Okinawa


Put Away The Machine

Diggin in your chest I was diggin up your soul.

It was beautiful and bright so I put it back in there and closed the door.

It was playful and kind, like a lively child though well behaved

with the clear reflection of a mother’s eyes

Your body was marble so the soul was hidden and cold, hence safe.

Protected from liars and birds.

I was a bird, eating your guts and soul and you were a chained Prometeus in my bed.

You gave me fire, I gave you a scream.

I was a liar, scrutinizing every inch of your intimacy to disclose the very truth to my greedy ears and tell myself that you were there for me.

Lie. That I was there for you. Lie.

That we were made to bond.

Lie, lie, lie.

Alley cats die.

Karina Nitka who modeled in this photographs is the founder and singer-songwriter of The girls from Okinawa – a fresh and raw underground candy pop acoustic band based in Catania, Sicily. Étienne Bouchs is an analogue photographer based in Milan and also has a soft spot for Polaroids. This post includes black and white photographs and classical Polaroids taken in Paris and at the end of this post you will also find the music video by the band.


Photography: Étienne Bouchs ☆ IG: @stefanobouchs

Model, lyrics: Karina Nitka, leader of @the_girls_from_0kinawa

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