Alessia (Alewino) – Spring Break

Sequins, leopard fur, scent of flowers in the air and a desire to escape, to unplug, even for a few minutes. Feeling free, letting the mind wander, provoke and spark. These are the guidelines of this small series made with Instant photography. To feel happy sometimes you only need the flowers of spring and a Fujifilm Instax Wide. A fresh breeze drives the story of a girl who bought a leopard fur and decided to wear it on a sunny afternoon at the beginning of a new spring.

Analog photographer and Polaroid lover Alessia (Alewino) enchants with this beautiful and nostalgic spring-series she took of model and also photographer Beatrice Montanari.


Photography: Alessia (Alewino) β˜† IG: @alewino

Model & MUA: Beatrice Montanari β˜† IG: @beamontanari

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