Fanny Chu – Daydreamer

I took this photo series in an abandon asylum, it’s call the Rockhaven Sanitarium. It opened in the 1923, was closed down in 2005, and it was exclusively for women only.
When the first time I got into this sanitarium, I could picture how was the day with all women only, and how they’ve used of pink color and feminine floral wallpaper to calm these patients. So I decided to have a photoshoot there with pink makeup and white underwear only, to make the place lively again.

Here comes a nostalgic and expressive photo-series by Fanny Chu she took of model Summer Melody.


Photography: Fanny Chu ā˜† IG: @fannychuphotography

Model: Summer Melody

MUA: Cristina Deanda ā˜† IG: @cristinadeanda

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