Darrel Chirume – Dreamers

Influenced by waking dreams and 80s glamour, ‘Dreamers’ is a portraiture art project photographed and styled by Darrel Chirume in collaboration with vintage outlaw clothing store in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada. Photographed on location with 35mm Fujicolor C200 film.

Super sparkling and of course beautifully dreamy comes this analogue photo-series by Darrel Chirume he took of model Abbie Oliviera Lang and with an eye-catching makeup-work by Gaia Buzzone.


Photography, art direction & styling: Darrel Chirume ☆ IG: @lovelustfeels

Model: Abbie Oliviera Lang at Lang Models

HMUA: Gaia Buzzone ☆ IG: @iambeautyholic

Wardrobe, lighting & location: Vintage Outlaw

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