We all wear a mask in this world. We wear it for so long that we forget how we really look under this mask. It would be dangerous to remove the mask. But it would be courageous. And not everyone is ready for it. Not everyone is ready to show their true face. Lured by the benefits of falsehood we endure our mask every day. But we all feel how heavy this mask becomes. It transforms our souls into a cripple. And if the soul is death then we are just machines. Then we are an automatic programme that can be easily manipulated. Who arranged this? Who created this? That is the question!

Our true self has a little value in this world. Nevertheless, it is everything we have. The real self is the one last little part of us. But only in this small part we are free.


Photography: Nalie β˜† IG: @dream.dimension

Models: Kim & Leo

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