Hearts lost in the past

Our hearts are filled with nostalgia. We love collecting flowers and writing texts and poems. We love the music and styles from the past. And sometimes we are feeling blue. But that is OK. Because this feeling gives us inspiration to see things in a different way and to appreciate the good moments in life.

Strolling through Berlin-Kreuzberg on a beautiful and not too cold winter-evening some weeks ago with Paola, who is originally from Mexico and visited Berlin for two days on her traveling-route through some cities in Europe. We met spontaneously and for the first time. But the two hours we spent together felt just like some minutes. We had so much to talk, so much to laugh. It was as if we known each other since a long time. We walked from Kottbusser Tor to Schlesisches Tor catching some colourful lights that shone from bars, open-late stores, restaurants and lanterns.


Photography (35mm film): Lia ☆ IG: @la.lia

Model: Paola ☆ IG: @thewestwildgirl

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