Luisa Ramírez – Dualism

Here comes another series by Luisa Ramírez from Pereira, Columbia. Her photographic style is pretty eye-catching – colourful lights, everything shines, everything sparkles. A visual exaggeration in a positive way. – Like in this photo-series, called ‘Dualism’.

“In the search for color in the middle of triviality, we have achieved a magical transformation of a commonly known place in our city, showing the two sides of every thing involved, the place, which is known and viewed as a symbol of wealth and power within the city shows it’s most beautiful colors in a time when it’s not just for the owners but for everyone who passes by it, the duality of the model who has shown it’s own experience by his work as fashion designer and also by his way of life.”

– Luisa


Photography: Luisa Ramírez ☆ IG: @phainter_

Model & styling: Henry Montoya

MUA: Laura Sánchez

Assistant: Sofía Gómez

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