Luisa Ramírez – HyperSonic

An variety of colours and sparkle. A dreamy and expressive mood at the same time. This photo-series by Pereira, Columbia, – based photographer Luisa Ramírez she took of model Estefanía Trébol and with a glittering and shining make-up and styling by Laura Sánchez is a visual artwork for the eye.

Luisa wrote along her submitted series:

“Colors for the day and night, glitter, velvet, platform shoes, and wigs, hypersonic is in fact, the state of the dream-like reality in which the model remains daily, recreating the day-life of Estefania’s alter ego “jugo rosa”.

Her alter-ego continually shows Estefania’s life, a truly magic person who expresses herself through her way of dressing, makeup, and her performance art, with a natural personality and freedom in everything that’s her, she plays with the chosen place in an unique way exploring and taking advantage of every other corner with the company of lights and colors.”


Photography: Luisa Ramírez ☆ IG: @phainter_

Model: Estefanía Trébol

MUA & styling: Laura Sánchez

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