Fox Medicine – Space Grunge Star Girl

“There once was a girl from a star very far.
She built a house on the moon
 tried to live on earth.
It wasn’t easy but it was fair.
Lessons learned from planet earth:​​
Darkness and pain
make the stars
bright like a flame.”

A sparkling, super authentic and exclusive series awaits you in this special post about the band-duo Fox Medicine from Eugene, OR. Beautifully photographed by Vanny Keeps (drummer) and expressively modeled and with texts by Neezy Dynamite (guitar and vocals).

They just released there new album “Greetings from Mars” two days ago – you can find and listen to it HERE.

And now – just scroll down and enjoy the whole post. ☆

by Neezy Dynamite

“I started playing guitar and writing weird little songs when I was 7 or so. My best friends dad was a big shot producer and always had all kinds of rockstars and recording artists hanging out at their house. My mom had an acoustic guitar hanging on the wall and I secretly played it when she went out, even though I wasn’t supposed to. I wanted to impress these mystical creatures that embodied so many of my secret desires… even though I don’t think I ever got to have my big performance for those people.. It was just a fantasy that inspired me. And I just kept writing songs and making noise regardless if anyone paid attention. I was constantly trying to get people to start bands with me.. even in kindergarten.
Last year I found myself living in the USA and decided it was the main stage, and it was time to get serious and release some music officially and the proper way.
Greetings from Mars has intergalactic overtones, because earthly drama is so boring, and yet humans are so fascinating. I have a lot of fire in my belly and try to channel the internal conflicts into some kind of sonic art form. I want to make raw and visceral music, because the mainstream can be so underwhelming. I don’t think it reflects the inner turmoil we all swish around in our little body structures. Not in the current era anyway..

What do I like about this record? I think it’s frantic and fuzzy, it will charge you up like a battery and get you pumped. I really think it gives you energy.. a kind of masculine martian energy. Emitting and transferring a feverish state or the eternal fire.”

“Fox Medicine is a two piece originally formed in early 2016, by Neezy Dynamite (Guitar/Vox) and Vanny Keeps (Drums) in Eugene, OR where their glittery fuzz rock was solidified. Mostly playing dive bars and house shows around the pacific northwest, the duo continues to write songs full of subconscious wisdom and extraterrestrial influences. The raw nature of the band provokes an early 70’s punk aesthetic and feel. Neezy Dynamite is a noise nurse and one is never sure if she has the cure or if she’s going to stick a big needle of poison in you. The band refers to their boutique sound as “black bubblegum noise”- a dark, chewy and unusual flavor, insisting that heavy music can be both dark, visceral, and actually fun.”


Photography: Vanny Keeps (Star Boy /drummer)

Model & text: Neezy Dynamite (Star Girl – She likes to sing songs of starmen and earthling affairs.)

Affiliation: Fox Medicine ☆ IG: @foxmedicinenoiseBandcampFacebook

Location: Otherworlds.

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