Clara Parmigiani – A Sip of Dusk

“A sip of dusk” is a project about nostalgia of the past, to which it holds on. An abandoned aesthetic, made with elegance.

Pretty nostalgic and contrasty comes this photo-story by Milan, Italy, – based photographer Clara Parmigiani. Shot in and in front of an abandoned building this series has a kind of mysterious feel and a wonderful melancholia in it. A changes of colour-photographs and black and white ones, shots from different perspectives and portraits of the models Jaala Etoile and Alyona Lozovay give Clara’s work a suspense and a change of moods.


Photography: Clara Parmigiani ☆ IG: @clara.parmigiani

Models: Jaala Etoile & Alyona Lozovay

Styling: Marina Pérez Queralt

HMUA: Silvia Dell’Olio

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