Chiara Cappetta – Oblivion

The sun was setting down. Four girls. Hand in hand. They were passing through the door. I follow them. I break a leave under my foot: they notice me and I fall into the Oblivion. Surrounded by background music and spindly laughs “see you in a dark night”, “lalala”.

You can touch the freeze: they put out their make up, they combed they hair, they enjoyed their time waiting for the tea.

And then, immediately ready for the party.





They cross the threshold again, and the world it’s not like how it used to be. The music is louder and I can feel the ground shaking under me: the girls are still dancing and they didn’t seem to mind too much. With the pinkies they swear an endless sisterhood. Suddenly they running at me and then I wake up: it was only a dream.

Analogue photographer Chiara Cappetta and her team enchant with this dreamy, nostalgic series called ‘Oblivion’.

Besides the little text above Chiara wrote:

“Oblivion is not only a photo shooting, it’s deeply more.
First of all the concept of the project is based in one of my strangest and bizarre dream: four girls that are enjoying themselves in a fairy wood, acting like they supposed to be at one of the coolest and mystic pyjama party of all the time. By the way I’m feeling very lucky because Luca Migliaro, my best friend, has almost my same taste in fact of photography and fashion.
Together we have kinda “designed” every single photo, and we have chosen the atmosphere, the scene objects, the models and everything was necessary to kick off this project who we both love and represents us.
The point is: it’s not only “friendship affair”, but it’s a project where me and Luca involved new talents from design schools from all over the Italy, from the outfits to the casting.
The outfits were designed by Sofia Barzaghi, Alice Boriani, Elisa Carcano, Marta Casu and Beatrice Rodolfi, these girls are from “Politecnico di Milano” and we thought that their knitting clothes embrace at 100% the Oblivion’s mood. Oblivion’s stylist Luca Migliaro and Chiara Pozzoli are students from Naba (Nuova Accademia Belle Arti di Milano), Carolina Ferrari, Naomi Oke and Yu Cai (three of four models) they study there too. Naomi Trazzi, the fringe model is going to study in one the biggest cinema school in Milan. At least me, Chiara Cappetta, the photographer, I’m just a communication and photography student based in Bologna.
This is the result that many hands make light work, and it was an amazing experience working with so many minds, and mix different stories to make just one: Oblivion.”


Photography & text: Chiara Cappetta ☆ IG: @folur_

Art Direction & curated by: Chiara Cappetta & Luca Migliaro

Styling: Luca Migliaro & Chiara Pozzoli

Models: Yu Cai, Carolina Ferrari, Noemi Trazzi & Naomi Oke

Designers: Sofia Barzaghi, Alice Boriani, Elisa Carcano, Marta Casu & Beatrice Rodolfi

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