Alessandro Ruggieri – Bye

I titled the series “Bye” inspired by the word on the choker (see last pic) as I think it goes well with the mood of the series: the idea of leaving, the car, the end of the summer, nostalgic feelings; the model Isa, who’s wearing the choker in the pic, actually left Italy for Spain a few days after the shooting.

Italian photographer Alessandro Ruggieri submitted this super vivid, grungy-nostalgic photo-series that comes from a shooting he did for UNIF clothing some time ago. All photos are captured on Fuji Instax film and classical 35mm film.


Photography & styling: Alessandro Ruggieri ☆ IG: @use.less.useless.words

Models: Isa Ruman & Bianca Brunori

Assistant: Silvia Branchesi

Wardrobe: UNIF

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