David Collier – Better go home

After a long night having a great time, its mid morning and all her BFFs had left, so time for a walk around the streets in the sunshine and having a snack before finally heading on home for some sleep.

Here comes a new photo-series by Sydney, Australia, – based photographer David Collier. The series has a super great, snapshot-like flair and was entirely shot on 35mm film and Polaroid.

Along his submitted work David also wrote:

“I had been following Marie for a while I on IG, she is from Germany but is always traveling (53 countries and counting!) and made her way to Sydney for a few days so we got together to plan a shoot. Our first location a few days prior was cancelled, so we only had one other chance for a couple of ours before she left, so decided to walk the streets, having a chat and shooting on the go in Sydneys Kings Cross.”



Photography: David Collier ā˜† IG: @davidcollier

Model: Marie Louis

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