Raquel CCentelles – Light Up The Dark

Here comes a wonderful, colourful and atmospheric editorial by Raquel CCentelles she took of model Victoria Price at night.

Light changes everything. It changes your mood. It changes your surrounding and it also changes you. Everything has to do with in which light you see things. In a lilac light everything appears calm and you can waft on rose coloured clouds. In blue light everything seems much more relaxing and you can find harmony. Red light brings along energy and warmth. Darkness is monotonous and it only waits to be lighten.


Photography: Raquel CCentelles ☆ IG: @raquelccentellesph

Model: Victoria Price

Styling: Sa Rederi ☆ IG: @sarederi

HMUA: Júlia Bosch

Art direction: Júlia R.Ventura

Designers: Chouchou, Borja Pollito Perez, Concepción Miranda, Llamazares y de delgado, Kiwi Pomelo, Malahierba, Shernas, CitizenX, Lost Ink, Fernando Alberto Atelier & Dresswe

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