Daniela Santamaría – Under My Skin

Under my skin is a project I’ve been working on since the beginning of 2017, exploring each and every unique aspect of identity of whom I take a photograph of. Every aspect of what beauty might or not represent, I try, with the portraits, to accentuate those special details which I think makes everyone have their own beauty.

An impressive and beautiful film photo-series by Daniela Santamaría from Bogotá, Colombia. Each photograph has its own mood and story.


Photography: Daniela Santamaría ☆ IG: @a_huge_wtf

Picture 1 – Models: Liliana & Marcela ; Styling: Daniela

Picture 2 – Models: @ddlmofficial & Mateo ; Styling: @ddlmofficial

Picture 3 – Model: Marcela ; Styling & MUA: Catalina

Picture 4, 5 & 8 – Model & MUA: Simón ; Styling: Catalina

Picture 6 & 7 – Model: Marcela ; Styling: Daniela

Picture 9 – Model: Mateo ; Styling: @ddlmofficial

Picture 10 – Model: María ; Styling: Daniela

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