Joe Magowan x Shem Sylvester – Ariel

Photographed by Joe Magowan and with art direction and styling by filmmaker Shem Sylvester this photo-series of model Ariel Thompson is wonderfully atmospheric and eye-catching.

“These are a set of editorial images from my upcoming fashion film. The concept surrounds one character, with several different personalities and mindsets which attempt to elicit different emotions from the viewer. I hope to create an consistent atmosphere of ambience throughout the images while also using the different outfits, locations and makeup sets to create these personalities in the image.”

– Shem


Photography: Joe Magowan ☆ IG: @joe_magowan

Creative Director & stylist: Shem Sylvester ☆ IG: @shemyyy_

MUA: Hannah Mac

Model: Ariel Thompson ☆ IG: @aireel

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