Elegia – Heather at The Lodge

Fairy-lights and shining colours. Here comes a super authentic series of classical 35mm film photos and Polaroids by Elegia she took of model Heather May Corvid.

Along her creative work Elegia wrote:

“Heather was traveling through Manchester on a model tour, and we had a quick shoot at my apartment using the indoor and outdoor space. With the days now getting shorter we had to be creative and use the dark to our advantage. Heather was really brave and climbed a massive tree in the garden despite the dark and the cold! All in all we probably shot for roughly 90 minutes, with the odd tea-break to warm up. Before we wrapped up (literally) and Heather was back on her bus home.”


Photography: Elegia β˜† IG: @iamelegia

Model: Heather May Corvid

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