Here comes a superb, 35mm film series of band pics by Mona Cordes she took of MOONOVERSUN.

Mona asked them:

“How was your shoot experience and how do you find shooting and putting your aesthetics in fashion as a band?

For us we feel that being an artist means being completely audio visual, and fashion is a big part of that. When you put an outfit together it is an extension of you and your personality, it is a message to the world about who you are and can definitely contribute to the overall way that you perceive an artist or band. When you’re able to visualise where the music is coming from and how these people look you can relate to them and their music more, it becomes more personal. this is why we try and make our music and fashion as coherent as possible.”


Photography: Mona Cordes β˜† IG: @princess_moona & @mona_cordes_photos

Models: Sofia & Isaac of the band MOONOVERSUN β˜† IG: @moonoversun

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