Underground Lilies

The world is just a thought in your head. A strange thought. What if your own thought becomes bigger than the world?

Reality. You sit in a train and another moves. You have the feeling that your train is moving. And you really can not tell if it’s true. Is reality only in your head?

Polarities. They’re just the same things that your mind interprets differently.

Like a white lily that carries joy and sorrow. So you also carry polarities in you. Because all what you like is you and everything you do not like is you too.


Photography (35mm film): Nalie ☆ IG: @dream.dimension & @grunge.dimension

Model: Avanya ☆ IG: @avanya

One response to “Underground Lilies

  1. I’m loving this blog, all of your posts are fantastic and the photography is absolutely beautiful.


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