Lydia Workneh – Glamour Girl

Beautifully shiny and quite dreamy is this photo-series Lydia Workneh from Washington D.C. has submitted.

Along her created work Lydia wrote:

“This shoot was very fun to do because I got to be very creative by making props that tell a story. I experimented by adding plastic film on top of the lens to create a soft blur and by making a choker with crystals and money. The model, Sydney, and I superglued a crystal choker to 5 dollar bills. The combination of the shiny crystals and money represent consumerism, and the model is so engulfed by it— it literally wraps around her neck. The hazy nature of the photographs create an idealistic and dreamlike scene; as if she and her lifestyle are unattainable.”


Photography: Lydia Workneh ☆ IG: @lydiaworkneh

Model: Sydney

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