Katja Stückrath – Tête de genie

For this super atmospheric and authentic photo-series Buenos Aires based photographer Katja Stückrath photographed artist and fashion designer Ellie Connor-Phillips in London. This series contains a mix of digital and classical analogue photographs.

Along her submission Katja wrote:

“I met Ellie through your magazine because I saw her in some submission randomly so, I decided to write her and take some photos of her during my stay in London.

We had a lovely rainy time together and this are some of the photos we did.

She did the styling because I was so in love when I saw her Instagram that I told her ‘I trust your taste, bring whatever you like’.



Photography: Katja Stückrath ☆ IG: @katjastuckrath

Model: Ellie Connor-Phillips ☆ IG: @elliecp_

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