Bernat Paul – On the rooftop

Shot on one of the rooftops in the center of Buenos Aires, Argentina, this photo-series by Bernat Paul is bright and powerful and has this certain flair of freedom.

Along his series Bernat wrote:

“Hidden deep inside this concrete jungle there are millions of rooftops, one of my favourite secret spots is this one. It remembers me to when I took my ex girl friend there, I couldn’t give her any better gift than showing her that place, that moment was like as if I was showing her a part of me, a piece of my story. But it wasn’t just about the place, it was about the magical moment of being there, the adrenaline of getting there and get the feeling that nobody could ever reach us.”


Photography: Bernat Paul ☆ IG: @bernatpaul

Model: Natalia Serres

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