Savannah Ecklar – Eclipse

This amazing photo-series of model Emmalee Parker was taken by artist Savannah Ecklar who is currently living in Louisville, Kentucky. Savannah is a photographer, founder of the vintage clothing line Peaches and Dream and the front woman of the band Mother Runaway.

She submitted her creative work along with the following text:

“These photos were taken on the day of the eclipse. The night before I felt this great sense of anxiety about the fact that I hadn’t created anything tangible in a while. I hit up the model in these photos Emmalee Parker around 3am and asked if she’d be willing to shoot with me the following day. So caught up in this impulsive desire to create, not realizing it was the day of the eclipse. She and I created these images together in my room as this rare astronomical event occurred. 

To me the images portray a sense of longing. A message that says “I am yours now.” The song “Baobas” by Regina Spektor fills my head when viewing these images. “You have tamed me. Now you must take me.” They sort of represent this extreme traditional feminine role that says “I am pretty. I am soft. I am giving my whole self to you now. Take me.” This is not to say that I agree or disagree with this sort of mentality. Only that it does exist and there is a sincere sweetness to it.

When thinking upon the idea of feminism one must understand that it is not about being tough entirely. It’s about embracing your own softness. Embracing your beliefs, whatever they may be, traditional or nontraditional. And supporting not only women who share your views but those who differ from you as well.”


Photography, styling & MUA: Savannah Ecklar ☆ IG: @mama_runaway (personal), @peaches_an_dream (vintage clothing line) &  @motherrunaway (band)

Model: Emmalee Parker

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