Nadha – The pain has become a dog

Analogue photographer Nadha took some snapshot-like pictures of model Florencia Lima for the skateboard brand of some of her friends which is called “as de paz”. As Nadha wrote, the idea was to show the streets of the city of Mexico as they are – without poses and with many people walking everywhere.

Along her submitted series Nadha added a text about the pain that sometimes invades the body and the days:

“The pain has become a dog and it has eaten my breakfast, then I go with it for a walk in the park without a leash to run free and perhaps get run over by a car so I can weep for it and then bury it in the Park and thus no longer feel pain. But pain is a smart arsehole and it always returns by my side, sometimes it performs tricks and amuses me; I have to go to work. The Pain is a motherfucking dog.”


Photography: Nadha ☆ IG: @nadha_n

Model: Florencia Lima

Translation: Claudio Cortés

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