Amber Maree – Zoe

A beautiful, slightly rebellious photo-story photographer Amber Maree has submitted. Some photos she took of model Zoe are analogue and double-exposed, some were taken with a digital camera.

Along her series Amber wrote:

“The more I look at this set, the more I see this story unfold of a teenage schoolgirl that has become a runaway. 
I feel every photo as you move through the set each has a feeling/vibe of her journey.. 
it starts with her being a rebel/outcast at school.. then you see when she’s first gone onto the streets, Still there’s an innocence, and then when she’s been there awhile… and as each photo goes on you see her innocence slowly slip away, but there’s a moment of fragility/vulnerability before the end where you catch a glimpse of what was once the schoolgirl. ” 


Photography: Amber Maree ☆ IG: @embermareephotography & @analogcreature

Model: Zoe

MUA: Gabby Webb ☆ IG: @gabbywebbmakeup

Styling: Sarah Barry

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