Tara Pertwee – The Same But Different

Tara Pertwee is a final year Fashion student from Leeds College of Art. The photo-series she has submitted along with a short film by her are from a recent shoot Tara did for a module completed this year. All of these wonderfully authentic photos were shot on a Nikon EM 35mm film camera.

“The title sort of explains it all- the girls are carefully styled to appear the same but, when you look up close, they are clearly different. For me, I believe these images subtly reflect key aspects of ‘Girlhood’ as they follow a distinct theme: wanting to fit in with your social group/girl gang, but also wanting to maintain individuality. This is something I believe most women can relate to during some part of their lives.”

The Same But Different from Tara Pertwee on Vimeo.


Photography & film: Tara Pertwee β˜† IG: @tarapertwee

Models: Emma Harwood & Kate Robertson

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