Kel Belter – Half Empty

Wonderfully authentic comes this photo-series by Kel Belter she took of model Hunter Lee White.

Kel Belter is a half-Korean, half-American artist, currently living in Seoul. Growing up in a mixed-race household, the concept of identity as inconstant and prismatic has always fascinated her. Through multimedia art, illustrations and photography, Kel tries to capture what it means to identify yourself and to be vulnerable. 

“Shot on 35mm film in the North Point neighborhood of Hong Kong, this series explores the city’s crowded markets, escalators, noodle shops and empty opera houses. North Point still holds to some of the soul of 90’s Hong Kong, which is gradually fading away. Most of all, I wanted to bring out a sense of contrast and ambiguity–placing Hunter, who comes from a mixed background herself, in places that make us wonder who she is and if she belongs.”

– Kel


Photography: Kel Belter ☆ IG: @bybelter

Model: Hunter Lee White

One response to “Kel Belter – Half Empty

  1. cute outfit.the look of white socks with black shoes with white socks is so adorable


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