Victoria Zeoli – Another Flower in the Garden

As always it is a visual pleasure to see the creative work by Victoria Zeoli who describes herself as an alternate universe photographer. For her latest photo-story she teamed up with model Aaliyah Skie and makeup-artist Hailey Trifiro. For the wardrobe she used some of the handmade dresses by I found Lucy and a couple of vintage dresses.

In another dimension the sky is lilac and the clouds are blue. In another dimension everything happens according your thoughts; just in a twinkling of an eye. You can speak with animals and you can stroke colourful butterflies. You can let the flowers grow hugely and dye the grass in an orange tone. In another dimension there aren’t any limits for your abilities.


Photography & styling: Victoria Zeoli ☆ IG: @victoriazeoli

Model: Aaliyah Skie

Wardrobe: I found Lucy ☆ IG: @ifoundlucy & a couple of vintage dresses

MUA: Hailey Trifiro ☆ IG: @trifiro_art

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