Violeta Parisi – 90’s Dreams

This photo-series dived in blue, red and lilac light is really a dream.

Violeta Parisi is an 18 year old photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. “She has always had a feeling for photography and the idea of reflecting on images what she was feeling at the time”.

“This photo-shoot I did is called “90’s dreams”. The idea started because I wanted to show how adolescents feel in the safest place where they can be their selves: their rooms. When we are growing up we are constantly changing but the aspect I wanted to show is that kid that we all carry inside and will never die. We cry, we laugh, we fall in love, it’s all a rollercoaster we just have to go through.  The photos show this nostalgic set inspired on 90’s teens and what teen girls deal when they’re growing up.”

– Violeta



Photography: Violeta Parisi ☆ IG: @violeparisi

Models: Lucia Erijimovich & Manuela Gadano

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